The Legalities of Life & Death

3 CD Series

Over the centuries many have had the idea that because God is sovereign, He can just do whatever He wants to do whenever He wants to do it. And because the Scriptures teach that God is good, everything that happens in life will ultimately turn out for the good of all. However, what many fail to understand is that although God is sovereign and God is good, God is also just! Thus everything God does is within the confines of the justice system or legal system that He has established both within Himself and in His creation. 

As easy as it to see that God has established natural laws that are both predictable and constant, God has established spiritual laws that govern life and death. Having knowledge of these laws answer many ancient questions such as “If God is such a good God then why do bad things happen to people?” And, “If God is all powerful, then why does He allow so much suffering to take place in the world?”  

In this series by Stephen Fraser you will gain insight and understanding into these spiritual laws that go well beyond any scientific discovery that man has made in the natural! God is a God of absolutes, and understanding Him in this way will bring about an absolute trust in Him that is sure to remove all doubt!

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Number of CD's 3