How To Pray For The Governing Authorities



Have you found it difficult to pray positive faith filled words for leaders who have an agenda that is contrary to the Word of God? Do you feel disconnected from the leaders you have been commissioned by God’s Word to reach-out-to in prayer? Many Christians believe they are to pray a general prayer of blessing, protection and Divine guidance for the leaders of their government. Many pray sounding something like this, "O God, thank you for our leaders. Bless them and their families. Help them to make wise decisions today. Give guidance, strength and favor, etc." However, that is not necessarily the way to pray for them at all. In this book by evangelist, pastor and author Stephen Fraser, you will discover the Scriptural way to pray for those governing authorities who do not share the same ideals as you. This book is opening eyes with revelation for our nation that is bringing about a revolution in prayer that is sure to change the direction of our land.



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