Fulfilling Your Ministry

2 CD Series

"When people think of ministry, most think of apostles, prophets,
evangelists, pastors, and teachers. However, ministry is not
limited to these five ministry gifts. In fact, the Bible teaches that
these ministry gifts are given by God to the church for the equip-
ping of the saints for the work of ministry (Eph 4:11-12)! There-
fore, if you are a saint (one who has been saved through faith in
Jesus Christ), you are called to serve in the ministry. And though
you may be called, the Bible warns, few are chosen.

In this series by Stephen Fraser, you will discover truth that will
empower you to be chosen of God to serve Him in the ministry!
There is nothing so satisfying and energizing as knowing you are
in the perfect will of God for your life, functioning in the place He
has prepared for you. The principles and pitfalls to fulfilling your
ministry that are revealed through this teaching series are a vital
resource for every believer!"

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Number of CD's 2